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Products, Technologies and Services
The centerpiece of ONYX Scientific Inc. is our Advanced Systems & Technologies (AS&T) organization, which specializes in research and development innovations that bridge technical barriers and operational needs. AS&T's role is to transition technologies from concept to real-world products and services. Our products and services are managed by two business divisions:

Information Systems Division (ISD)

Information Products
Information Tools
Electronic Devices
Entertainment and Simulation
Specialty Government Systems

Energy Systems Division (ESD)

Energy Products
Wind Energy Systems
Pure Water Systems
Thermal Systems
Torque Systems
Regulated Electrical Power Systems
Electrical Generators

ONYX Scientific Inc. also provides Architecture Engineering Services (AES) to our off-shore customers who require turn-key energy, power, transportation, port and infrastructure solutions, including:

System Solutions
Waste-to-Energy (WtE) Systems
Waste Remediation Systems
Floating Hydroelectric Systems
Scalable, "Green" Coal-Fired Power Generation System
Coal Liquefaction and Gasification Systems

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