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About Onyx
Cross-disciplinary perspective is what sets Onyx Scientific Inc. apart. Recognized as experts in their fields, our leaders each have 30 or more years of professional engagement in Fortune 100 companies, as well as the U.S. government and military. Our experience includes aerospace and medical engineering, information systems, custom hardware and software development, materials science applications, and product prototyping and packaging.

Combining these competencies through a cross-disciplinary vision, Onyx collaborates with patent holders to provide a path to market. Onyx becomes the marketing arm and distribution channel for intellectual property which patent holders either have licensed or assigned to Onyx. The Onyx management team leverages this pioneering IP to provide uniquely differentiated solutions to customers' ever-evolving technical needs.

Our Products
Onyx's flagship product line includes image compression, video compression and encryption technologies. The suite of tools complement one another in applications as varied as financial services, manufacturing quality control, surveillance, security and entertainment.

Beyond our Information Systems business, Onyx also has multiple technologies in various stages of development for the energy sector. These future products include wind, coal and battery technologies that (if successfully developed) will make a significant impact on today's energy generation and storage demands.

For More Info
For more information on Onyx and how we can help address your specific challenges, contact our executive team at 253.224.7614.





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